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welcome to the website of the IJmker family

Family picture My name is Jochem IJmker, born in 1945 in the municipality of Westerbork. I've been married to Catriena (Ria) Blokzijl and together we have 3 children: Rein, Trienke en Jochem Jan (Han). From 1962 until 2008 I've been working as a local government official, first in Westerbork, later on in Holten and finally Rijssen-Holten. During the early years, as I was working in Westerbork, I had to process requests for data involving genealogy. It was then that I picked up the idea to research my own family tree, although at that moment I did not really start it.


In 1998 I grabbed the bull by the horns and I started researching my ancestors' family tree, and particularly the question: 'where does the name IJmker/Ymker come from'. I expected one of my ancestors to be a beekeeper (imker is Dutch for beekeeper), but so far it proved wrong. Instead the early ancestors mainly turned out to be skippers.


Many data I gathered through researching the municipal archives of the city of Hoogeveen and the additional registries of baptism, marriage and burial that can be found there. Also I received a lot of information through the State archives en other municipal archives, and of course via the internet where I got information form other researchers that helped me find certain data. On my father's side (IJmker) I - for certain - have come as far as a baptism in 1729.


Not all data from municipal registries are public. Death certificates become public only after 50 years, marriage certificates after 75 years, and birth certificates after 100 years. For the youngest generation I therefor have to call upon the assistance of family members. I've sent about 100 letters and e-mails to family members, requesting to send information. About half of them replyed. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to my current data collection.


Results of my research so far can be seen through genealogies.


Because a genealogy is never complete, I started this website in 2005 to share my data. In turn I hope to receive new data, from a distant past as well as from younger generations, via this website. I kindly invite everyone who has additional information or new data to send it to me. This can be done by filling in a family form. I also am interested in photos, obituaries, funeral card etc.


Best regards,


Jochem IJmker