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Website of the IJmker family


Besides researching the IJmker family, I also researched some related families. All the data I put in a computer database with the computer programme PRO-GEN. Until now the data is restricted to birth, marriage and death information, in the future hopefully completed with details like profession, possessions, addresses an custody information etc. This however requires further research.


A very simple (abbreviated) overview of my research can be viewed after clicking on one of the following names.
  1. genealogy IJmker (I) - My family, originally from Hoogeveen (Drenthe, The Netherlands)
  2. genealogy IJmker (II) - Another IJmker family, from Groningen (Groningen, The Netherlands), without known connection to my family
  3. genealogy Bruinsma - My family (mother's side), from Friesland (The Netherlands)
  4. genealogy Blokzijl - My wife's family, also from Hoogeveen (The Netherlands)
  5. genealogy Huisjes - My wife's family (mother's side), also from Hoogeveen (The Netherlands)


Of course I have extensive data. When you like to receive more information about certain people, or when you think certain data is incorrect or information needs to be added (for instance in case of births, marriages or deaths), you can send me an email (contact information) or send the changes by filling in a family form. Also contact me when you do not want your personal information to be published.


N.B. The genealogies on this website are meant voor amateur use only by amateur genealogists, only with acknowledgement. Individual persons, companies, or organizations are not allowed to copy or reproduce the contents of this website for commercial purposes or for republication without written consent.